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Historical Begur

Panchalingeshwara temple  (Begur)
photo by Vicky Paul

report by Vivek M

Before the INTACH session started we had ample time to wander around the charming little temple of Panchalingeshwara at Begur, the oldest one in Bangalore. It was built by the Gangas around the time of 890 AD and prides a spacious layout although the main structures are rather small. As one enters the pillared interiors a feeling of antiquity seeps in, so typical of temples of this age. We were lucky to witness a dozen of Kancheevaram (or Mysore?) silk saree clad women who had gathered in the temple to sing Saint Thyaraja’s compostions (keertane). You can listen to one here!

The early birders had a good time shooting daily life and wildlife pictures by the lake behind the temple, as I was informed later.

The INTACH session started at 10.30 am with Prof. Jagannathan talking about the Cholas, anecdotes with noted dancer Dr. Padma Subramaniam and Vaasthu Shastra employed in ancient Indian temples. His talk was quite engaging and he took us around on a tour of the temple explaining the significance of bio magnetic fields by giving us a small demonstration with an instrument. Another of INTACH’s member gave us a quick but interesting run down on the history of the Begur temple.

Vicky Paul
Arun Nura
Aranya Sen
Vivek M

Audio recordings here

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Russel Market 2nd March – a Report

Photo By Arindam Thokder
Report by Jyothi Vaidyanathan

After my first outing with the group at Jayanagar market, this was the second time I was thinking of joining for the shoot as I had a lot of personal and official commitments. I was really excited and enthu levels were up from Saturday night onwards. I put the battery for charging and checked whether the card is in place on Saturday itself. (It so happened that twice I ran into problem, once I had forgot the battery and the very next time had forgot to take the CF card. So learning from my mistakes, I do double check for battery and CF card when ever I take my camera out these days :- )

Sunday morning I woke up early and was slightly confused whether the timing was at 7.00 or 8.00 am. Any way, I decided to leave home early and parked my scooter reached of St Mary’s Basilica at around 7.15am. Since I didn’t see anyone around in front of the market, thought of calling up Peevee and check what is the official time for the shot which he confirmed as 8.00am. So I decided to wait till everyone turns up and based on the tip from Peeveee decided to check out St Mary’s Basilica. I had the intention of taking few snaps inside the church but as the Sunday mass was in progress, some how I really didn’t feel like clicking. So I just sat down in one of the benches there and did some introspection and soul searching…

By 7.45 am I decided to check whether anyone has turned up at the official meeting point and bumped into Peevee who had just reached there. Slowly people started turning up including some new faces. Had a chance to meet lot of people – Lighttripper, Danny, Redbull etc, names which I have seen only in the discussion threads. Then we started exploring the vegetable market, exploring the side lanes too. Meanwhile we were bumping into more and more people especially Vivek and Lavanya who turned up for the shoot after a long time. Also got a chance to meet the privileged few Panasonic guys of the group, Janvi and Siddharta and there were lot of discussions centered on their Panasonic cameras. 🙂

We also had the chance to meet the “Padayappa” of Russel Market. This guy was really curious as to what we were doing, from which newspaper we are coming from etc. He even went to the extent of showing us a bright yellow capsicum and asked us to take pictures of it. He explained to us that his friends affectionately call him Padayappa though his real name was Selvam. I think the best part of our shoots is such wonderful moments where we get to meet people like this; though life treats them really hard their innocence and open mindness is really amazing.

Padayappa of Russel market
Padayappa of Russel Market with fellow shutterbugs in the background 🙂

We later on explored the fish and meat market on the back side of the market. You could have also seen the earnestness with which redbull was trying pose infront of the line of meat (as if it was a flower bed 🙂 ) that was hanging in the meat market. By the time we had covered that area, it was time breakfast time as everyone were already too hungry. So everyone proceeded to Janatha Hotel. Since there were about 20 people, we occupied about half of the first floor. A lot of discussions were happening over breakfast in all the 3 tables. In my table, Lavanya was sharing her experience on the 3-4 foreigners who stayed at their house as part of the couchsurfing network (please correct me if I got the name wrong). Janvi on the other hand was sharing her experiences of working with a NGO group, her stay in Delhi for the past 2 weeks for shooting a documentary film for a friend of hers. For me, it was a wonderful experience… getting to know different perspective of life; a very welcome break from the usual techie environment.

After finishing the breakfast everyone said bye to each until the next shoot. As far as I was concerned, I had such a good time on Sunday. Even though we were debating as to whether 20 were too much a crowd or not due to various reasons like it takes a long time for introductions or some fellow shutterbug always ending up behind your shot, it was a really wonderful experience as far as I am concerned. Lots of learning and lots of fun… Thanks to Vinayak for calling for this shoot, it was a wonderful experience.

Shutterbugs present:
1. lighttripper
2. lavannya
3. Dr Vivek M
4. peevee@ds
5. redbull
6. Pratik Debbarma
7. sachink1080
8. dannycg
9. Zach Studio – Dennis Zach.
10. ArunnurA
11. JanvPi
12. raadesh
13. Siddhartha.
14. Arindam Thokder
15. arunchs
16. jyothi vaidyanathan

TAG: BWS2March08Russel

I’m really sorry, I’m sure that I have missed out people in this list ( as it was a big group i couldn’t even meet everyone). So please let me know.

As we were leaving Janvi was mentioning about a scrap market in front of Russel Market and out of curiosity few of us (peevee, redbull etc) ventured to explore the place. It turned out to be a nice experience. Highlight of that shoot was this kid who was jumping around with excitement on seeing us taking pictures. Janvi had taken taken a snap of his and he was pretty excited to see his photo in her camera. Here is that shot:


Finally, we said bye each other and I am already looking forward to the next shoot. Apologies if it it has become an unusually long report; its all because of my own excitement 🙂

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Suruchi’s photograph atop the Skandagiri appears in flickr’s Explore

Wherever We Go, Our Camera Follows

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Trek to Skandagiri

by Apurva Mathad

Clouds and hills
photo by Avijit

I fancy myself as a photographer but sometimes am brought to earth when I have conversations like these –

[Mom calls up]
Me: Hello!
Mom: I saw the pictures of Huliappa (my nephew).
Me [expecting appreciations of my abilities] (eagerly): and…
Mom: Ella shake aagabittaithalla? One of them is nice but the rest have been ruined…
Me [bubble bursting and too stunned to say anything]: …
Mom: You are not taking pictures properly. You should learn from your Dad.
Me [finally something to say]: So, I was thinking of coming over next month. (I like to give them hope 🙂

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City Market, on a Saturday morning

by Vivek M

photo by Akash

An outbreak of incessant phone calls since 5: 45 am asking for directions, parking space etc etc made me wonder if half the entire group would turn out. Well it was dangerously close, and I dare not try and recollect the names and flickr ids of today’s participants. Or maybe I could attempt (kindly excuse the goof ups between names and flickr identities and pleased fill in the blanks):

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Train to Tyekal

by Peevee

way up

Venue: Tyekal Village
Date: 10th Feb, 2008
Photographers Present:

Tag: BWS10Feb2008Tyekal

From my childhood days, train trips had always been interesting. I have traveled the whole TamilNadu State by trains, be it to Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Thanjavur, Ooty or Kodai road, explored by Trains. This time it was a different experience going to a small village of less than 500 population.

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Losar at Bylakuppe

by Vivek M

Bylakuppe 01
A little monk at the Namdroling

Venue: Bylakuppe, Mysore Dist
Dates: 8th to 10th Feb, 2008
Photographers Present:
Kushal Das
Sandeep (Deepsan)
Anita Bora
Vivek M

Tag: BWS9Feb2008Bylakuppe

A trip to Bylakuppe during Losar, the tibetan new year turned out to be a wonderful experience.

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