Posted by: drvivekm | March 16, 2008

Historical Begur

Panchalingeshwara temple  (Begur)
photo by Vicky Paul

report by Vivek M

Before the INTACH session started we had ample time to wander around the charming little temple of Panchalingeshwara at Begur, the oldest one in Bangalore. It was built by the Gangas around the time of 890 AD and prides a spacious layout although the main structures are rather small. As one enters the pillared interiors a feeling of antiquity seeps in, so typical of temples of this age. We were lucky to witness a dozen of Kancheevaram (or Mysore?) silk saree clad women who had gathered in the temple to sing Saint Thyaraja’s compostions (keertane). You can listen to one here!

The early birders had a good time shooting daily life and wildlife pictures by the lake behind the temple, as I was informed later.

The INTACH session started at 10.30 am with Prof. Jagannathan talking about the Cholas, anecdotes with noted dancer Dr. Padma Subramaniam and Vaasthu Shastra employed in ancient Indian temples. His talk was quite engaging and he took us around on a tour of the temple explaining the significance of bio magnetic fields by giving us a small demonstration with an instrument. Another of INTACH’s member gave us a quick but interesting run down on the history of the Begur temple.

Vicky Paul
Arun Nura
Aranya Sen
Vivek M

Audio recordings here

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