About BWS

BWS is an informal community of passionate photographers, both amateurs and professionals, living in Bangalore and this is their blog. Their original and main presence is on flickr, where they discuss regularly probable venues and issues for a weekend shoot, co-ordinate the event and discuss the photography that happened during the shoot. This blog carries brief reports, stories, behind-the-scenes, and photography related write-ups.

The Bangalore Weekend Shoots was started in May 2006 by a handful of friends who share a passion for photographing street life, people and the culture of the Bangalore city. As the shoots grew increasingly addictive and as more and more friends were interested in being a part of the group they decided to have an online presence on flickr to discuss and coordinate forthcoming shoots and to write reports.

They collectively support and work towards documenting the various facets of the city and its people. One of the first areas of interest was to capture the life and the environment at the many traditional markets, a work that is still ongoing. Short trips around the city and sometimes longer ones are also occasionally organized keeping photography as the primary motive.

If you wish to be a part of the fun, excitement and learning do send us a membership request by reaching out to us through our flickr page.

Disclaimer: All of the photographs used in this blog are copyrighted to the respective photographer. In case you would wish to use any of the pictures please get in touch with the photographer either through their flickr profile or from the blog roll and they sure would be delighted. BWS is an informal group and shall hold no responsibility of any sort of copyright infringement.


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