Posted by: drvivekm | February 20, 2008

Train to Tyekal

by Peevee

way up

Venue: Tyekal Village
Date: 10th Feb, 2008
Photographers Present:

Tag: BWS10Feb2008Tyekal

From my childhood days, train trips had always been interesting. I have traveled the whole TamilNadu State by trains, be it to Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Thanjavur, Ooty or Kodai road, explored by Trains. This time it was a different experience going to a small village of less than 500 population.

It was 5.15am, when Raghu pinged me. Thanks buddy to wake me up. By then Shivu was already in the City Junction Station, shooting the dawn. Raghu and Gautham came to place as planned the previous night and headed towards KR Puram Station. Shivu took the Swarna Passenger from City Junction and we were waiting to catch the same at KR Puram. Manas, our biking freak, came to KRPuram station, just to say HI to us, as it was long time, we met.

Then after a cup of tea and couple of clicks of Hubli and lalbagh expresses, we got into the heavily loaded train. You can see the crowd here in the luggage compartment.
luggage looking out

We managed to get seats after couple of stations.. clicks.. gossip.. chats… reached Tyekal in less than 45 minutes. Raghu did a group shot with the tyekal name board behind, thanks to his remote.

Got some flowers for the GODs on the hill, Gulped some hot idly’s, met a small dynamic cute boy rakshith, who wanted to guide us to the hill top. (fortunately we told him to go home). After a brief walk through eucalyptus forest and potato farms, we trekked up the hill.
java tally c inside the cave

A cute little cave temple with no man, welcomed us, where we sat and lied down for hours, chit chatting and clicking some photography as well.
mystery inside filtered rocks
It was already 12 noon and decided to got back to bangalore by bus. Unfortunately, we had to take 3 buses to reach bangalore (tyakal to malur.. malur to hoskote and hoskote to bangalore).

But it was a nice.. sweet trip, when we ended with a lovely FULL meal at Nandhini Restaurant, Indira Nagar. Yet another weekend to remember.



  1. Love the train shots. More please.

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