Posted by: drvivekm | February 21, 2008

City Market, on a Saturday morning

by Vivek M

photo by Akash

An outbreak of incessant phone calls since 5: 45 am asking for directions, parking space etc etc made me wonder if half the entire group would turn out. Well it was dangerously close, and I dare not try and recollect the names and flickr ids of today’s participants. Or maybe I could attempt (kindly excuse the goof ups between names and flickr identities and pleased fill in the blanks):

City Market

Blackfin/ Jogesh
Lazy strokes (he seemed far from lazy)
Vivek (darn, yet another one)
Kushal Das (who was hungry)

Oh well, there were more and I bet I did not even meet another half a dozen of them. It was a nice shoot though, considering I hardly shot any. But the one-by-two coffee that flower seller Shantakka’s friend treated us to was simply sooper. We ran into a couple of farmers too who invited us to take a look at their beautiful orchards at Magadi, ‘Nam oorige banni saar’ they said. We shall go there once, atleast for the ragi balls and soppu saar.

Sandeep: I am sorry I could not meet you even after the two dozen phone calls. We shall surely work on the slideshow idea.

Rashmi: All of us will have a critique session over lemon juice at the Indian Coffee House very soon where we can show each other our pictures. No fighting but…

Lazy strokes: Will let you know about the trek..

Thanks everyone for making it, great meeting all of you. And extremely sorry for not being a part of the breakfast session, I am sure it must have been great.

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More pictures here

Resource: Mr. Ramu, one of the florist/farmers we met, is from TG Pallya in Magadi Taluk and will be delighted to take us around his farm. Among many others he grows the button rose and another variety called Charisma. He can be contacted on 9343320741



  1. impressive photographs ..

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